If you are a fan of Lemons and Demons (or, you freak, of Lemon Demon) or are a shirtless person who stumbled upon this website in a desperate search for something, anything, to clothe your nakedness so that they'll let you into the convenience store, this is the right place for you!

Currently we are supplying you with the official Lemon Demon logo, beautifully rendered in red and yellow by Neil Cicierega himself.

We also have the brand new "Rocktopus" design, which is even better than the Lemon Demon logo shirt. At least twice as good. Buy it too!

If you wear this shirt in public, you will be respected for the first time in your life. And that is a good thing. You will thank us.

So, order one (or ten if you're feeling rich) now!
Shipping takes up to two weeks, 1209600 seconds, a fortnight, or the average gestation period of the common snail.

Inquiries, comments, and problems may be sent to lemonkle@yahoo.com.